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At VigyanShaala, we equip youth with quality STEM skills through project-based learning to enable social and transformational change. Our goal is to facilitate the creation of innovative, youth lead ecosystems for mentoring and STEM skilling at the community level.

About Vigyanshaala

‘VigyanShaala’, is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘A Creative Classroom of Science’. At VigyanShaala, we are committed to closing the access, attainability and quality gap in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education and equipping youth with future-proof skills. Our unique approach with scale at its core is bridging STEM professionals, undergraduates and school students to facilitate cross-age peer mentoring and nurturing scientific temperament at scale. We will achieve these by 

A) Leveraging a data driven approach to identify key barriers.

B) Developing 21st century curriculum for critical thinking, promoting inquisitiveness, innovation and interdisciplinarity. 

C) Creating public-private partnerships to influence government policy. 

The Challenge & Opportunity

Poor quality of STEM education and skilling intensity is stunting innovation potential for sustainable development. Nurturing local role models and leadership is the key to leveraging its demographic dividend.

Our Approach

At VigyanShaala, we equip youth with quality STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills through project based learning to enable social and transformational change. Our goal is to facilitate creation of innovative ecosystems for mentoring and STEM skilling of youth.

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It takes a highly committed community to tackle these complex challenges. Get in touch to be a part of the solution. Together, let us make quality STEM education inclusive and accessible.

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VigyanShaala International is a Charitable Trust registered in India (Reg. No – 491/Book No. 4/Vol. no 2110). Founded in April 2019, we are exempted under the section 12AA and 80G(5)(vi) of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. Our highly modular, open, decentralised and collaborative approach brings local youth at the epicenter of social transformation.

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